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Set up Email Account in Windows 10 in a Few Minutes via a phone call


Email is a web-mail service. It is generally used for sending or receiving emails, documents, files, or much more. If you want to access your email account, first of all, you have to set up your mail account, if you have no idea how to Set up Email Account in Windows 10? Don't waste your valuable time. You can directly call on Email Customer Support Number (+1-855-709-0346) and get instant solutions related to your issues.


Steps to Set up Email Account in Windows 10

Step 1: Select the Win button on your Windows 10 computer at the bottom-left of the screen and then click the Mail option.

Step 2: Select the Settings icon in the Mail window.

Step 3: On the right panel of the screen, press the Manage Accounts option followed by the Add Account option.

Step 4: Select Advanced configuration -> Email from the Internet. Complete the Account Name, Your Name, Incoming Mail Server, Email Address, User Name, Password, and Outgoing Email Server (SMTP) fields in the Internet e-mail account window. Also, from the Account drop-down menu, select the IMAP option.

Step 5: In the Internet e-mail account window, press the Sign In button

Step 6: Check the email address in the All Done window and select the Done button.


How to set up Gmail with Windows 10 as the default email?

Use the following instructions to demonstrate how to configure Gmail as the default email in Windows 10

Step 1: Go to the Settings menu first and then choose the Advanced tab.

Step 2: Choose Content Configuration and then select Handlers.

Step 3: Turn on the switch to 'Allow sites to ask to become protocol default handlers.'

Step 4: Next, log in to your Gmail account, and then press the Star icon on the right side of the address bar with the Handler icon.

Step 5: Select Enable in the dialogue box that appears and then click the Finished button.

Step 6: Go to Settings again, then click Applications, and then Default Apps.

Step 7: Now, make sure to change the Email app to Google Chrome on the right-hand side panel.

Step 8: Now, on Windows 10, the default email opens with Gmail.


Also, follow these guidelines. If you are unable to set up an email account in window 10 then you can take the help of our experts. You will have to dial our Email Customer Care Toll-Free Number (+1-855-709-0346). They will guide you in a possible way.



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